Welcome to Hogwarts!

A very big thank you to Mr Sorby for putting up our Hogwarts banners in our room today. They look amazing! Stay tuned to find out which House the students in 6B are sorted into…

Time for a new term!

Who can tell me what’s happening on Tuesday?

That’s right! Term 3 begins for students on Tuesday!

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I hope everyone has had a lovely break and is rested up and energised for a new term 😀

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See you all on Tuesday!

Farewell to Miss Shannon

Yesterday marked the final day for Miss Shannon’s placement with us. Miss Shannon is studying at the University of Newcastle to become a teacher and we were lucky enough to have her spend the last 4 weeks with us. We have had an absolute blast and have shared many laughs and learning moments with Miss Shannon. We wish her all the best for her future studies and know that she is going to be an amazing teacher. Please come back and visit us anytime, Miss Shannon!

Table Tennis with Dennis the Menace

This term we have been lucky enough to play Table Tennis each Friday with Dennis the Table Tennis Menace (note: his real name is Jono). 6B have really been getting into table tennis and Mr Selwood has even visited us to take on Imogen H and Cooper (spoiler alert: they have been practising hard and smashed him).

Yesterday was our last Table Tennis session with ‘Dennis’ for the term and a few of the kids were pretty devastated as they had grown quite fond of him. In particular, Jude and Finlay, who changed the lyrics to a series of songs and performed them for Dennis. As a bonus surprise, Dennis turns out to be quite a gifted pianist and joined in on our ‘So You Think You’ve Got Talent‘ competition and serenaded the kids with his own covers. The looks on the faces of Finlay and Jude say it all. Best day of their lives.

Here is the beautiful performance here:

Bookish Bingo

Congratulations to Jessamy and Finlay who completed this term’s Bookish Bingo challenge. Finlay received a copy of ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ as his prize (a must read for anyone), and Jessamy received a copy of ‘Heidi’ (one of my favourite books as a kid). I look forward to seeing which categories everyone chooses for next term’s Bookish Bingo!

Famous Artwork Collages

This term in Art Cave Stage 3 have been creating collages based off famous artworks. 6B chose ‘The Great Wave off Kanagawa‘ by Japanese artist Hokusai and ‘The Persistence of Memory‘ (or the melty clock picture as everyone liked to call it) by Surrealist Salvador Dali. We traced the artworks onto a large sheet of thick card and then split each card into 10 x 10 cm squares. Then we numbered the squares and each student was given different squares to work on. The beauty of these artwork collages is that when you put all the pieces back together you can see the artwork, but each one has been created by a different student. Have a look at our progress photos and the finished product of ‘The Great Wave off Kanagawa’. Thank you to Ms Armstrong for the awesome art idea and to Jane and Alex in Art Cave for their persistence in working with us to get these masterpieces finished. Stay tuned to see how ‘The Persistence of Memory’ turns out…

Dreaming Stories with Buddies

Today we met up with our buddy classes, 2S and 3SD and watched the story of Bunjil the Eagle, who in the Dreaming was the creator of all living things. We then got into our buddy groups and retold the story in our own words and started designing our own Bunjil artwork. We will work with our buddy classes next term to finish our pictures. Here are some photos below:

Drawing on Desks!

It’s not often that you get permission from the teacher to draw on the desks in the classroom. That’s what has been happening in Maths rotations this week as 6B learn about intersecting angles. We have been using washi tape to create angles at a point (totalling 360 degrees), angles on a straight line (totalling 180 degrees), and vertically opposite angles (which equal the same as each other). We then got to measure the angles using protractors and write the number of degrees using whiteboard markers. Check out the photos below:

Hall of Fame Assembly: Responsibility

Congratulations to all our Hall of Famers who were inducted today for their above and beyond efforts this term in the Core Value of Responsibility. A special congratulation to our very own Jessamy from 6B!

At our special assembly today we were treated to guest performances by the Yadagi Boys from Callaghan College, who shared their didgeridoo music with us, as well as our Junior Choir, who performed their rendition of ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’, and the Senior Choir who performed the Australian anthem in Awabakal language. Thank you to Darren from Callaghan College and our Miss Hibbert for leading these students in the enjoyable performances. A beautiful way to incorporate NAIDOC Week and Hall of Fame celebrations at the same event.

NAIDOC Celebrations

Well done to all of our students for their excellent participation in our NAIDOC celebration activities yesterday! We began the day with a smoking ceremony, performed by Awabakal Land Council elders, followed by singing and dancing performances from the Millibah students from HSPA. Students also enjoyed taking part in a variety of activities throughout the day, including traditional dance, languages, face painting, and canvas art. Thank you to Miss Chapman for organising such a great day.